Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sody Pop vs. Betty Boop, and More

Sody Pop may not be as universally known as Betty Boop, but there is a group on the internet who loves Sody Pop as well.  The first Sody drawing is mine, most of the others John K drew first.
Sody is obviously more athletic in her build, and she's skinnier.
I like how John K never draws her the same way, be it in Aoki Pizza, Raketu, The George Liquor Program, or in Comic Book - but they are all Sody.

Betty Boop has a HUGE head - at least when Grim Natwick drew her. 
She's all wiggly in her first cartoons too - Mysterious Mose, The Bum Bandit, and Bimbo's initiation all have really cool drawings.
Betty is way more curvy than Sody - Betty has thicker arms even.
And lastly, the "more" as promised.
Just a redhead girlie design.  Thanks for visiting!

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